Shell Homage

Apex Small Tables

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I have partnered with the multi award winning Shell Homage - A company that has discovered one of the most miraculous bio materials, waiting to hit the commercial market & replace a variety of traditional virgin materials. It holds the potential for applications in various industries including furniture, jewellery & domestic.

The Apex table tops & shelves are made from the Shell Homage bio ceramic. The Shell Homage material is a bio composite created from discarded egg shells, nut shells & bio adhesives. It has a 95% calcium content providing a ceramic property which lends itself to high strength characteristics. The material composition also has the ability of absorbing carbon dioxide from the surrounding environment.


Due to the unique process in which this material is constructed, the ability to control the variety of surface states from soft plastic to rigid ceramic with the appearance of marble-like veins is quite extraordinary.


Please feel free to read my previous introduction article about Shell Homage & our collaboration here.


Behind The Design


The Apex coffee & end tables are inspired by the highest point of natural geologies, such as mountains & also ancient architectures such as a Pyramid. This project is in collaboration with Shell Homage, owned by the talented Egyptian Material Designer, Rania Elkalla. The Egyptian heritage of the material was something I couldn’t help but manifest in to my ideation process within our partnership together.

I began abstracting the geometry of the ancient Pyramids of Egypt & considered the importance of why humans have always been so fascinated with the highest points of structures, the Apex. Whether that highest point be a look-out on a hill, a cathedral at the top of a mountain, or the mystery of the Capstone on top of the Pyramids. The Apex has always played an important role in our history.

Of course, by design the Apex is transcendent. Therefore when translating the metaphor of the Apex in to a table, it was vital to communicate an aesthetic that represented this transcendence, such as the three equilateral axis of symmetry on the table top to convey a unified sense of equality. The curved edges generate a soft, welcoming visual that are ornamented by the detail of the intersecting legs. Finally, a circular shelf humbly rests below to increase function but integrate as a whisper in comparison to the impact of the triangular top.

The Apex small tables are not only a sustainable furniture solution but an ornament that unifies an interior.