Gnarly Small Tables

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I initially reached out to Natures Legacy to learn more about their passion for sustainability as a company that produces décor items, furniture & architectural structures.

Based in the Phillipines, NL are one of the handful of companies to be awarded B-Corp Certification. What does B-Corp certification mean? Companies that are awarded a B-Corp certificate meet the highest standards of social & environmental performance, public transparency & legal accountability; balancing profit & purpose. Natures Legacy hold themselves accountable to the highest degree of ethical production.

When many of us think about sustainability, we automatically think about low emission production, resource rejuvenation, recyclability – Most of it is product & object oriented. But after speaking with Pete Delantar & his son Carlo they highlighted the major importance of human centric ethics for workers & artisans within the company. The pursuit for a sustainable future must also include the respect & well being of everyone involved in the products production history. Nature’s Legacy take these ethics very seriously to achieve eco friendly materials & a healthy work environment for their artisans & workers, hence being awarded a B-Corp Certificate.

After getting to know each other, NL & I found many parallels in our philosophies, so we decided to work together on a project. We analysed their current catalogue & confirmed that we would prototype a set of small tables that I would design.

The images above showcase the final prototypes for the Gnarly coffee & end tables which are now exhibited on the Maison&Objet And More website.

The constructional materials include:

Nucast: Is a patented recycled paper composite, strong enough for architectural purposes & available in a variety of finishes without using any Volatile Organic Compunds & ability to be recycled.

Marmocast: Is a handmade patented sustainable high grade polymer that implements Sustainable Consumption & Production (SCP) Practices, dramatically reducing the material waste & carbon emitted during manufacture. In this case, the Marmocast mimics the appearance of black glass.



The shapes & appearance of the Gnarly tables are inspired by La Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias in Valencia. At the time I was living in an apartment 20 minutes walk from this impressive architectural marvel & always felt inspired by its intersecting curves & elegant contours. Images of La Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias can be found at the end of the showreel above.

To find out more about Natures Legacy click here.