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Recycled Fabrics Collaboration

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Every industry in the world is now evaluating the sustainable values in their company. Not only because it is beneficial for the environment but because the final consumers demand more sustainable products & practices. We are now living in a time where sustainability is ethically positive but also profitable for companies.

I had first encountered TexStyle when initially working at Morten Georgsen’s Studio some years ago. When selecting the fabrics for the upholstery to design various exhibition booths, the NoNo velvet by TexStyle was certainly a favourite of mine & a top choice for the rest of the team as well.

Fast forward some years later & I’m having an exciting conversation with Pablo, TexStyle’s head of marketing, about their latest TexStyle Recycled range – A range of recycled fabrics with various finishes: Brushed cotton, boucle, velvet, sheepskin etc. I wanted to learn more about the process & better understand TexStyle’s philosophy.

We shortly identified the potential to form a partnership in order to promote sustainable fabrics & sustainable designs. Consequently we curated the following context for our collaboration:



Demand is increasing for sustainable products, including the furniture industry. It is just a matter of time for when furniture companies choose to offer a catalogue of sustainable fabrics for upholstered designs to their customers.

The popular demand for sustainable & recycled fabrics is not a question of “if?” but it is a question of “when?”

Furniture brands in the industry will need to update their designs with sustainable fabrics but also need commercial designs to sell profitably - Who will help them make these transitions? 




We are able to offer commercial design expertise with recycled fabrics to help expand furniture brands sustainable catalogue successfully & profitably. We will approach retailers reaching them through:  Magazine/Blog articles, Competitions, Referrals in Network of Contacts & Proposal via Email.




Market demand for more sustainable textiles will increase over time. We want to be at the front of the queue offering services to help furniture brands diversify their sustainable catalogue & populate the furniture market with sustainable product options for end consumers. This will be profitable for everyone in the supply chain, including sustainable culture & will demonstrate a conscious behaviour towards the environment.

Without revealing too much information, so far I have developed over 15 collections of upholstered concept designs: Sofas, modular & KD, there are also: lounge chairs, dining chairs, bar stools & more all utilizing TexStyle’s 100% recycled fabrics. I will continuously be creating more upholstered designs to add to this catalogue, since each collection is designed for very specific retailers & companies in mind. More updates to share on this soon.