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Based between Egypt & Berlin, Shell Homage has created a stunning & artistic bio composite made from egg & nut shells. I know what your thinking… ”What’s my breakfast doing in this product?!”. But the shell waste recipe is delicately composed in to a dough to produce mesmerising surfaces that can hold the potential for applications in the furniture, jewellery, domestic & other various industries. It has a 95% calcium content providing a robust & long lasting ceramic like property which lends itself to high strength characteristics & also has capabilities of absorbing carbon dioxide in the surrounding environment.

Due to the unique process in which this material is constructed, the ability to control the variety of surface states from soft plastic to rigid ceramic with the appearance of marble-like veins is quite extraordinary.


The egg & nut shells are currently collected from bakeries, nut shops & university kitchens. However, the potential for increasing the collection of these resources is enormous due to the quantity of egg & nut shells that are discarded across the planet.

Although its high calcium content provides durability & robust longevity, under specific conditions the Shell Homage material is capable of bio degrading & decomposing with absolutely zero waste.

For this material, Shell Homage has been awarded many internationally recognised accolades which I have indicated below to name a few:

Surface Design Awards 2021 Finalist


Recycling Design Prize 2019


Green Concept Award Selection 2019


A’ Design Award Winner 2017


Prime Deign Mark


European Product Design Award

I have learned a lot about this biocomposite in various discovery calls with Rania Elkalla, the founder of Shell Homage. We decided it would be a valuable exercise to explore various furniture & lighting applications - The images above are a few examples of products I designed using the material.

Shell Homage & I are currently revising the designs & preparing a selection to prototype. It’s important that we carefully curate a commercial selection of products, since we fully recognise that the overarching caveat with this material is that no one has used it before for commercial purposes, it’s a totally new material. Therefore, it is important that the selected products for prototyping can be effectively scaled up in to larger batch productions without compromise on quality control - Creating consistent products for consumers to purchase.


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