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Specifically created & patented by Natures Legacy & Altum Concepts 

Specifically created & patented by Natures Legacy & Altum Concepts 


Material Insight

The MARVY wall clock showcases a Marmocast central wedge & two half moon surrounds made from Stonecast.

Both of these unique & stunning materials are optimized for the circular economy with sustainability at the core of the sourcing & manufacture.

Marmocast: Is a sustainably manufactured patented high grade polymer from Natures Legacy. It has diverse opportunities for application & mimics materials such as marble, plastic & also a translucent marble effect can be achieved.

Stonecast: Is a sustainably manufactured recycled naturally crushed limestone. This impressive material imitates a stone-like appearance but with lightweight properties. Moreover, colour, texture & general finishes are astoundingly diverse.



Wall Clock