The name of the concept house, El Bosque pays homage to my roots as a designer where my journey first began at Morten Georgsen's studio in El Bosque, Valencia, Spain.

The house concept is inspired by the architectural marvel in the Spanish Mediterranean named, La Muralla Roja in Alicante. The soothing interiors are filled with my commercial designs that elegantly cross & combine design styles from Scandinavian, Mid Century to Mediterranean & American.

All of the Designs implement totally new & emerging sustainable materials as alternatives to traditional applications. These materials are explained in greater detail in the cache of each design linked on the website Interiors page.

To discover more about the concepts or if you want to discuss further about sustainable applications & design consultation then it would be a pleasure to chat! You can reach me on the following contact details:


Mobile: +44 7308 144618

Whatsapp: +34 632 429 553

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