"There is an emerging force rising across industries & global economies; a demand for more sustainable products & lifestyles. Through embracing responsibility & design rationale, it is my philosophy to create competitively successful & sustainable designs for commercial markets as we enter the emerging Eco Era."

Born in London, I studied a masters degree in Industrial Design at Coventry University, securing a years practice at Morten Georgsen's Design Studio in Valencia, Spain.

Upon accomplishing the masters qualification, I was honoured to be invited back to work at Morten's Studio, where I have cultivated a rich catalogue of skills that focus on design elegance, functionality & industry know-how over a number of years.

I thoroughly enjoyed every day working at the studio which emanated opportunities to lead & work on projects for a variety of global brands. I was & always will be inspired & appreciate a unified philosophy of design for a multitude of styles from Scandinavian, Mid Century, American, Mediterranean, German, British & more. I have been radically influenced by the studio's "No Nonsense" design attitude & stay true in pursuit of elegant simplicity with exciting functions.

With a dedication to constant evolution, this is currently where my head is. Now I'm actively pursuing commercial & sustainable solutions for the design industry. There is an undeniable demand for sustainability emerging across all of the markets & my philosophy is to equip sustainable products with exactly what it deserves; elegant simplicity with exciting functions. These sustainable designs must be highly competitive as we enter the new Eco Era.

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